ASIC, embedded HW+FW

15+ years design experience
Specialized in ASIC design and embedded HW+FW
Worldwide customer base.
Excellent first-time-right track record.

We solve your toughest challenge:
• Design bottleneck
• Emergency support
• Power/area optimization
• Multi-clock domains


With our 15+ years of experience, PosEdge is your partner for ASIC design, ASIC design assistance and development of embedded hardware and firmware. Proud of our excellent first-time-right track record, we serve a truly global base of satisfied customers ranging from large multinationals to small businesses.


With the implication of PosEdge BV in different wireless products, we have been able to develop high added value products. The professionalism as well as the excellence of PosEdge makes this supplier being a first choice for digital complex designs and verifications including an important contribution in system and digital level specifications.

Another very important point is the implication which has always been seen from the first discussions of a project till the mass production. Even if the development project was finished, we have always received from PosEdge a very fast and pertinent support which is definitely the best in class service Melexis could expect to receive.
I personally look forward to involve PosEdge in our future developments, PosEdge being a key piece of the puzzle to go to success.

Stève Gyger, Senior Project Manager / Team Lead at Melexis

At our ultra-competitive rates, PosEdge can assist you in any phase of the design cycle: brainstorming, specifications, design partitioning, architectural/conceptual design, implementation, validation, etc.

We are also available for ad hoc emergency support to solve even your toughest design headache, shrink your ASIC to fit your selected package or boost battery lifetime by massive amounts.

We specialize in wireless RF and bullet-proof solutions for clock synchronization and metastability issues.

PosEdge’s philosophy is that any tedious, recurring task that can be done by a machine should be done by a machine. We invest heavily in the development of fully automated tools and scripts that reduce time-consuming tasks to a single push of a button. This allows us to keep costs down for our clients, free up our human resources for more intellectual tasks and eliminate human error in the process. As a courtesy to our fellow ASIC designers, we have decided to make most of our tools available in the public domain.

Be it an ASIC, wireless product or a piece of embedded firmware, we implement your goals!


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