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PosEdge typically works on several projects simultaneously at any given time. Projects have idle time, where our engineers need to await the results of a compilation, simulation, synthesis, regression test, feedback from the clients’ team on some blocking issue, or wait while a (test)chip is in the fab. By running several projects in parallel, we can efficiently use the idle time of one project to work on another project, and we do not charge our clients for the idle time, thus minimizing the project costs.

This method requires diligent planning to interlink the various projects like the cogs of a wheel. We encourage our clients to book our involvement in their projects in advance, so that we can schedule the project and block our availability to ensure that the project fits into our schedule.

For bookings, 1 day represents 7 man hours, leaving a daily buffer of 2 hours for emergency assignments.
For adhoc assignments without prior booking, a higher urgency rate will apply if we have insufficient availability during normal hours and we have to rely on the buffer to accommodate the request. If the buffer has already been fully consumed by other projects, this will mean that we are overbooked and we will unfortunately have to refuse new requests.

If the daily buffer time remains unclaimed, it will be allocated to the running booked assignments for the standard rate.

Consult the calendar below to check if we are available to accept your project, then contact us to make a booking.

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