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Rates + Terms

It is our mission to restrict our billable hours to the bare minimum by heavily investing in the development of fully automated design tools to boost our productivity, reducing tedious, recurring tasks to a single push of a button, thus significantly lowering design costs for our clients. Also, we do not charge our clients for idle time in a project, when our engineers need to wait for the results of a compilation, simulation, synthesis, regression test, feedback on a blocking issue, or for a (test)chip to  come out of the fab. Our clients benefit from a significant reduction in the amount of billable hours, giving PosEdge a competitive edge over other subcontractors that have not invested in automation to the same extent and typically do charge for idle time.

Even in the event that another subcontractor has a lower hourly rate, PosEdge can still prove to be the most cost-effective choice, for example, if we charge 5 minutes to configure our automated tools and push the button while other subcontractors may bill a day of work to deliver the same output.
For the year 2013, our hourly rates (excluding VAT) are as follows:

Standard rate € 150
Urgency € 180 Urgent assistance outside normal (pre)booked hours
On-site € 180 On-site assistance, face-to-face team meetings; subject to availability
Resources € 50 Exceptional requirements for specialized tools, lab equipment or substantial computing power, e.g. for long simulations or synthesis

Any project-specific expenses that PosEdge must incur for the purposes of the assignment, such as the costs of travel for on-site assistance, shall be reimbursed by the client on the basis of specified expense reports.

It is standard practice at PosEdge to send monthly invoices on the last day of the month for the actual hours worked, as specified in a detailed breakdown with 0.1 hour (6-minute) increments, and payment must be made within 15 days of the invoice date.

For clearly defined assignments, clients may negotiate a fixed project fee or a profit sharing scheme with a reduced upfront development fee, later compensated by a royalty per unit of product sold.

Rather than finished products, PosEdge delivers design services on a best effort basis. PosEdge undertakes to do its best to properly complete the assignment, yet does not give any absolute guarantees for a flawless result. PosEdge is not liable for any unintentional errors in the work it performs and is not liable for consequential damage, regardless of its form. In any case, PosEdge’s liability shall always be limited to the compensation received by PosEdge within the scope of the assignment.

In accordance with international regulations, PosEdge – as an independent subcontractor – will by default retain ownership of the IP rights to its creative work and grants its client an implied, non-exclusive license to use the developed IP.


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